Electronic Resources

Irish Times Articles
This collection consists of articles photocopied from the Irish Times from 1985 onwards. Individual buildings, streets, towns and topics such as conservation, transport, urban renewal and interpretative centres are covered. Each subject file is indexed on PADDI.

This is an-house system indexing the journals Irish Architect, Plan, Archaeology Ireland, Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal, Irish Construction Industry as well as important works by writers such as Craig and annuals published by the RIAI. It is an invaluable resource for information on historical and recent Irish architecture alike.

On-line Searching
Archinfo has access to over 1000 databases via computerised networking. Each database consists of references to journal articles, books, reports, conference proceedings, etc. on a vast array of subjects. For search speed, accuracy, flexibility and comprehensiveness this is the preferred way of locating information and entails what is known as an "on-line search".

Audio Visual Material
Videos are available to view in the Architecture Library, but may not be borrowed, a current list of videos is available on request. Full details of 15,000 slides are contained on a computerised database which can be searched to find specific images. Slides are available for Archinfo members to borrow free of charge.

These are published by RIBA and the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library of Columbia University respectively. They index over 1000 current journals from around the world by architect, building name, building type, location and subject.

This is produced by the London Research Centre and includes the two databases Acompline and Urbaline which cover the following subject areas: urban and regional planning, environmental issues, leisure and recreation, housing and social policy. There is a UK emphasis and material is indexed from books, journal articles, newspapers and local government publications.

This contains the full text of Irish Acts and Statutory Instruments published between 1922 - 1998. Click on http://www.irlgov.ie/ag to enter this site and search the database.