OSi Annual Copyright Licence


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All OSi publications (Paper Maps, Digital Data and Aerial Photos) are protected by copyright to The Government of Ireland and OSi.

Therefore, anyone wishing to reproduce OSi material must obtain a copyright licence or permit to do so.

  • The copyright licence covers the reproduction of OSi data for one year
  • The copyright licence is issued on an annual basis and the fee is based on the number of people in the firm using the licence
  • The copyright licence validates reproductions of OSi material submitted for planning, land registry and way leave applications, etc
  • The copyright licence also eliminates the necessity for applying to the OSi Copyright Department for permission every time reproductions are required
  • The Annual Copyright Licence (AR1) is designed to facilitate architects who wish to reproduce OSi material

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Click here for an application form

Click here for an application form





Digital data supplied under the Project Licence model
(i.e. anything larger than A4 or A3)

Customers pay an initial sum for digital OSi project data and may use it for 2 years.

Data may be used in the following ways without the need for a copyright licence:

  • Holding and using OSi data on Personal Computers
  • Using the OSi data on an intranet
  • Printing copies of maps for staff use
  • Integrating OSi data within internal business systems
  • Adapting and combining OSi data with other data held by the company
  • Using OSi data in paper format for tendering purposes
  • Preparing OSi data for internal company presentations or reports presenting OSi data in digital format in PowerPoint is permitted provided copies are not distributed


A separate copyright licence is required if the digital OSi project data is used for the following purposes: Each company’s own copyright licence number must be applied to the maps in these cases:

  • Using the OSi data on an extranet
  • Using printed / electronic copies of OSi data for planning applications
  • Supplying OSi data to external companies



  • A copyright licence number must be applied to maps printed for planning applications
  • For companies who do not have an annual OSi copyright licence a one-off copyright charge can be paid to cover the use of the Digital Planning Pack when it is being submitted for planning applications

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