Membership & fees

How to join
(Read our fees page here first)

If you are an architect or in an architectural practice in the Republic of Ireland you're welcome to join Archinfo. Simply print out and complete this form and send with payment to:

Richview Library
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

At Archinfo's discretion membership may also be extended to other types of organisations, such as estate agents, consulting engineers and planners. Please contact us if you are in any doubt regarding you eligibility.

Name and address of organisation






Tel     ___________

Fax     ___________

Email  ___________

We suggest that organisations nominate one person as the main contact to whom information will be sent.

Contact Person


Please find enclosed €____ in payment for membership of Archinfo for the above organisation for one year starting this month.

Date ___________

Please make cheques payable to Archinfo